About 4ourschool.com

4ourschool.com allows users to save money and help school organizations at the same time. In addition to the many on-line deals and coupons provided, purchases at 600+ of our partner retailers raise money for PTA's, PTO's, private schools, and other school organizations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer to your question? Please contact us.

Please let your school's organization know that they can sign up through the School Signup link on our main menu. Organizations can sign up in minutes for free. Our team will have the organization's webpage added with 1 to 3 business days.

Please use the Contact link from the main menu to let us know.

If a retailer website or other website is labeled with a graduation cap , purchases at that website are eligible to raise money for school organizations. In most cases, the amount of money raised is a percentage of the purchase price, but in some cases it will be a fixed amount. To get full details for a specific website, search for the website in the search bar, and you will be taken to a page that provides this information and also lists all the deals for that website.

There's nothing extra that you need to do, as the retailer will know that you visited from 4ourschool.com and will let us know the amount of the purchase(s). Please make sure that:

  • Cookies are enabled on your browser so that your retailer visit can be tracked.
  • Your shopping cart is empty before visiting the retailer from 4ourschool.com.
  • You only use coupon codes that have been provided on 4ourschool.com. Purchases using other coupon codes will not raise money.
  • If you are using cookie-blocking software (e.g. Kaspersky), you will need to ensure that it is set up to allow cookies from 4ourschool.com and our partner sites. Similarly, if using a firewall such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security or some other such Firewall, then you need to keep the “Ad Blocking” turned off. Users with AdBlock or AdBlock Plus installed may have issues having their purchases tracked.
Please note that some purchases (for example, gift cards at many retailers) are ineligible.

Not all retailers offer to provide money when purchases are made at their websites. For these retailers, you will not see a graduation cap, but we still like to provide information on deals and coupons at these websites in case you find it valuable.